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Why the 8-Bit Theme isn't a Theme

Ever since the Starman UC was found last October, we've been wondering where do these Mario Items fit. Is it a series? Is it a Theme? It has 10 pieces and wallpaper/carpet like a series, but it's items don't qualify as items of a series (bed, chair, etc.) Animal Crossing Central has been using the name as "8-Bit Theme" for the past year in their catalog and item list. I am now going to prove you all wrong! XD

I used the UC for Starman when it came out and basically ignored the rest. Then when trying to complete my catalog I used the rest of the UCs and got the items. By today we haven't found the UC for Mushroom Mural, but Nintendo has finished releasing the last two items of mario items in their newest Nintendo Power (173?) the carpet and the wallpaper. I had used the code and finally finished my '8-bit theme'. I decided to start to redo my house, by moving some fruit stuff/lucky nintendo/nintendo sets up to the 2nd floor, and make the first floor NES games/Mario items. It was gettin' late and I logged out with my house being a complete mess. I went from over 100,000 HRA points and got this mail the next day.

Amazing, eh? I still don't understand why there's such a big gap between is and being, as being would fit there without getting cut off. Notice mario series in the letter =) Also it's in lowercase, which i would guess was since all of the mario items are lowercased. The ironic thing is that Nintendo Power calls it the Mario Theme while in a letter from HRA, they say mario series. It has the structure of a series, but the items aren't considered to be series-worthy. What is it? It's all based on how you look at it. I'm going with mario series though.