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Animal Crossing Tips & Tricks

Halloween Guide

Harvest Festival (Thanksgiving) guide

All information on this page was created by T. Cromis. These were taken from his AC bulletins. You can subscribe to it at

This document Copyright 2002-2003 T. Cromis.  It can be distributed for
PERSONAL use freely, as long as it is distributed entirely and
unchanged.  This document not to be sold for profit. 

---------Snowman Advice------------ by: T. Cromis

1. There are always two snowballs. If you accidentally break one or
roll it into the river or something, save/quit, and when you come back
there will be two again.
2. Getting the furniture is MORE than just getting the head half the
size of the body (although that's important). The snowballs have to be
just the right size, too. In other words, the head can be half the size
of the body, but if they are both too small or too large, no furniture.
3. If you roll the big ball into the little ball, the big ball will go
on top, and you get insults instead of furniture. So make sure you are
pushing the little ball when you connect them.
4. Most often, the two snowballs are far apart, with one being on the
upper level, the other on the lower level, and across the river from
each other. I guess they didn't want it to be too easy.
5. You get the furniture in the mail the next day, so you don't need to
talk to the snowman to get it.
6. There is a list of items somewhere in
7. According to the guide, you can make a snowman every day from Dec 25
to mid Feb.

This document Copyright 2002 T. Cromis.  It can be distributed for
PERSONAL use freely, as long as it is distributed entirely and
unchanged.  This document not to be sold for profit.


How to catch the banded dragonfly - the moment it comes onscreen, it

You gotta be quick! Concentrate on getting JUST that bug. Stay on the GBA
island and go back
and forth on the two island acres over and over until you see him appear,
then chase and swing

You may to chop down several trees on the island to do it, too. You need
room to chase.



Islander Preferences

In case this is new to you, I'm including basically the whole section from
my faq at

I've collected a bunch of information off of a looong gamefaqs post on
this, and would like to
get more.  Any contributors are welcome!  Please email to
what your islander's favorite fruit, and favorite items are! Please note
the difference between
favorite items and "impulse buying" below.   I will update this
periodically.  If you email me
about favorite fruit, please also tell me WHY you think it's the favorite,
so I can tell if you're
doing it the "right" way.

If you're new to this, when playing Animal Crossing Island directly on the
gameboy (NOT
through the gamecube), if you feed your islander its favorite fruit, you
get 30,000 bell bags!  It's
hated fruit produces a little skull cloud for a coupla seconds, and you
get nothing.  Some people
find that there is a fruit that often gives 10,000 bell bags.  I am
calling this a "second fav" fruit.

Turns out that the islander's favorite fruit and hated fruit are NOT
random.  A particular islander
will always love and hate the same fruit.  For example, Drift always hates

It appears that the items islanders ask for are not random! Each islander
has his or her own
"favorite items." It seems, however, that they do NOT ask for a complete
furniture set (such as
all the regal furniture), although some ask for many items from a
particular set.  Also, they may
ask for a RANDOM item IF IT IS IN YOUR INVENTORY (this has been coined
buying" No point in keeping track of these, because they can be anything.
So, please, IF YOU

Just to clarify:  The favorite fruit is the one that makes the islander
drop big money bags, plus
music " picks up in tempo", and the islander keeps the stupid grin on his
face, with the ^^ eyes.
first start playing on the GBA island, it will take 3 of most fruit to get
your first money bag. The
favorite fruit makes them happy faster and it will only take 2. If you
want to tell for certain what
is the favorite fruit, try this with different fruit, but you must try it
with a different fruit EACH
time you START playing on the GBA so that the islander always starts at
the same level of

Note:  A claim has been made that you can get more bells from non-favorite
fruit.  If you'd like
to investigate this, take a set number of favorite fruit (say 15) to the
island.  Keep track of total
bells.  Then do the same with each kind of liked fruit.  Email me the
results. If you aren't bored
out of your skull by then, feel free to do it all again! ;)

Another note: islanders often complain and give back furniture you have
given them, even if it is
a favorite item.  They will often ask for it back again.  I suggest
storing stuff they give back in
the island house.  Then if you carry it with you, they will often pay you
for it again, even if they
haven't asked for it recently!

What I've done is put the letter "y" behind an item for each person who
confirmed an entry (so
one y means two posts said the same thing, two y's mean three posts, and
so on).  If something
says YES behind it, that means I'm sure of it (at least ten confirmations)
and I don't need more
confirmations. Of course there could still be errors.  No way for me to
verify better than noting
when multiple posts/emails say the same thing.  If the favorite fruit is
all in CAPS, it means that
at least one person very clearly knew what they were doing.  The table
looks good in courier 10-
point font, but may get messed up by some email systems.

Name         Favorite            Hated             Furniture
             Fruit               Fruit
Ankha        CHERRY yy           apples YES        Regal y
the Cat                                            harp yy
                                                   ivory piano yyyy
                                                   regal dresser yy
                                                   regal vanity yyy
                                                   retro stereo yyyy
                                                   shrine lantern yyy
                                                   white king yyy
                                                   white queen yyyyy
                                                   Hawthorne Bonsai yy
                                                   Tape Deck yy
Annalise     PEARS y             oranges YES       Regal
the horse
Bliss        No info             oranges YES       Cabana yyy
the squirrel
Boomer       pears               cherries YES      Space y
the Penguin                                        Lunar Lander y
                                                   Robo Clock
                                                   Spaceman Sam y
                                                   Standing Stone
                                                   Stone Couple
Bud          cherries            peaches YES       chess board
the Lion     pears                                 Corn plant yyyy
                                                   conga drum
                                                   Djibe Drum yyyy
                                                   Ebony Piano yyyy
                                                   modern bed y
                                                   Modern Bed yyy
                                                   Reel-to-reel yyyyy
                                                   rock guitar yyyyy
                                                   strange painting yyyyy
Dobie        PEACHES             cherries YES      garden furniture
the Wolf                                           mossy stone
                                                   Red vase yy
                                                   shrine lantern
                                                   stone couple y
                                                   tape deck y
                                                   pond lantern
                                                   maybe blue wardrobe
Drift        ORANGES y           apples YES        Construction YES
the frog                                           wet road sign
                                                   men at work sign
                                                   haz-mat barrel
                                                   oil drum
                                                   orange cone
                                                   flagman sign
                                                   CD Player
                                                   leaning stone
                                                   potbelly stove
                                                   exotic screen
                                                   kiddie table
Elina        Pears yy            peaches YES       Exotic yy
the Elephant or apples? Yyyy                       birdcage yyyy
                                                   blue vase yy
                                                   exotic bed y
                                                   exotic chair y
                                                   exotic screen
                                                   exotic wardrobe yy
                                                   glass-top table yyy
                                                   exotic screen
                                                   turntable yyy
Faith        Oranges             pears YES         baby bear yyy
the Koala    Cherries                              elephant slide yyyy
                                                   executive toy yyy
                                                   jack in the box
                                                   mama bear yyy
                                                   papa bear yyy
                                                   ptera skull
                                                   red aloha shirt
                                                   red chair
                                                   Robo stereo y
                                                   starry shirt y
                                                   water bird y
                                                   Wobbelina yy
Flash        Apples              peaches YES       Blue y
the bird     AND coconuts                          beach table
                                                   Blue bed
                                                   blue bench y
                                                   blue bookcase
                                                   blue cabinet
                                                   blue chair
                                                   blue dresser
                                                   blue wardrobe y
                                                   classic bed
                                                   green chair
                                                   high-end stereo
                                                   kitchy clock
                                                   neutral corner
                                                   ranch bookcase
                                                   train set
                                                   wave breaker
Flossie      CHERRIES            oranges YES       Green
the Mouse                                          Coconut Palm
                                                   Green bench
                                                   Green Chair
                                                   Lovely kitchen
                                                   Stove y
                                                   Turntable yy
June         Peaches             pears YES         Cabana Table yy
the bear                                           Iris Chair yy
                                                   Lady Palm
                                                   Lovely Stereo
                                                   Tulip Chair y
                                                   Wide Screen TV
                                                   cabin low table
                                                   noble shirt
Maelle       Apples              oranges YES       Ranch
the duck     Peaches                               Aloe y
                                                   cabana bed yy
                                                   Classic Hutch
                                                   Classic sofa
                                                   phonograph y
                                                   ranch end table
                                                   ranch bookcase
                                                   rubber tree yy
                                                   Tanabata Palm
                                                   Vibraphone yyy
O'hare       ORANGES y           peaches YES       Regal y
the rabbit                                         computer y
                                                   gold stereo y
                                                   Regal Bookcase
                                                   Ranch Bookcase
                                                   wide screen tv
                                                   Writing Chair
                                                   Writing Desk

Pigleg       Pars                peaches YES       Blue
the pig                                            Barrel y
                                                   cube clock
                                                   Keg y
                                                   Melon Chair
                                                   melon table y
<note: pop machine and soda machine are two        pop machine
different items and he seems to want both>         soda machine yy
                                                   watermelon chair y
                                                   watermelon table y
Plucky       Apples              cherries YES      Ranch y
the chicken  ORANGES                               cabin
             peaches                               amber y
             But coconuts gives more bells         Cabin Couch
                                                   classic end table
                                                   Fan Palm
                                                   Ranch Bookcase
                                                   Ranch Hutch
Rowan        No info             pears YES         Cabana
the Tiger                                          amber
                                                   cabin bed
                                                   Cabin Clock
                                                   Cabin Couch
                                                   Cabin Low Table
                                                   Flowery Painting y
                                                   Hi-fi stereo y
                                                   Worthy Painting
Yodel        APPLES y            cherries YES      Exotic yy
the Gorilla                                        exotic end table
                                                   exotic bench
                                                   exotic bureau
                                                   azeala bonsai y
                                                   hawthorne bonsai
                                                   plum bonsai y
                                                   Pine Bonsai


This document Copyright 2003 T. Cromis.  It can be distributed for
PERSONAL use freely, as
long as it is distributed entirely and unchanged.  This document not to be
sold for profit.