4/1/07 - New Star Warrior.

10/31/06- Halloween Comic. Random Section. Deja vu anyone?

10/31/05- Halloween Comic. Random Section.

8/9/05- An update?  Blasphemy!? New Star Warrior (#65 for those of you who have lost track) and a new random drawing/comic thing or two.

6/17/05- Star Warrior 64.5 DONE. So hah.

12/31/04- New Random comic. Happy New Years to all!

12/19/04- New Randomness comic. To the RANDOM SECTION! 

11/25/04- Thanksgiving comic in Random Section. Happy Thanksgiving!

11/12/04- Star Warrior #64 = Done.

11/7/04- Star Warrior #63 is done.

10/31/04- Comic. Speaks. For. Self.  (Random Section Halloween Comic)

10/26/04- Star Warrior #62 is completed. No more parodies of Star Wars titles.. I promise =P

10/17/04- Star Warrior #61 is done. >:]

10/6/04- New random comic. Some of the jokes might be hard to get for those who don't go to my school =P

9/18/04- Star Warrior 60 is done. 

9/15/04- Star Warrior 59 = done

9/5/04- New Randomness Comic. TO THE RANDOM SECTION.

8/14/04- Star Warrior #58 is up. I'm starting to redo/fix/update the other pages of this section as well. I added some new sprites, fixed some links, the pull down menu for captioned random pictures now works again, redid the guest page, and tweaked some other various things. Also, all sprites have been moved to images folder for the sake of organizing the comics folder itself. 

7/20/04- Star Warrior #57 is here. Omg0sh.

7/13/04- Star Warrior #56 is up! Yay.

7/5/04- Star Warrior #55 is up.

6/24/04- Star Warrior #54 is teh up.

6/21/04- Star Warrior #53! Woo.

6/18/04- And now back to your regular viewing of Star Warrior (#52)

6/5/04- New piece of fanwork by Wil . Also, a comic for Wil. It's teh wilish update.

5/18/04- Star Warrior #51 is up.

5/14/04- Star Warrior #50 has been finished. Wewt.

5/8/04- Star Warrior #49 is done, enjoy! 

5/3/04- Star Warrior #48 is completed.

4/23/04- Star Warrior #47 is done >: ]

4/19/04- Star Warrior #46 is done.

4/18/04- Star Warrior #45 is done.

4/15/04- KK finished SF#2.

4/14/04- Some pages have been deleted. For the Sprite Credits of SW, most of their sheets are in the Sprites section with the tags and such, the Art section was a waste of space, and I don't have enough time to to more MK: DD Rejects. The good news is that there's a new comic! But, this one isn't made by me. It's by my friend KirbyKollector. Go Check it out!  He'll have a new comic every so often. Also, Star Warrior #44 will be up later today. 

Later Today: SW 44 is up!

4/11/04- Double Dosage of SW, 42 and 43!

4/8/04- Star Warrior #41 is doooooooooooooone!

4/5/04- Star Warrior #40 is done!

4/3/04- Star Warrior #39 is completo! 

4/1/04- Star Warrior #38 is done!

3/28/04- New Randomness! Check the Random section. 

3/26/04- Star Warrior #37 is done!  Also my first fan art by Dereck of Spunky Darkness! (in guest section) Dereck also finished Why Me #5, so that's another comic for the Why Me? Section.. Enjoy!

3/19/04- Star Warrior #36 is done!

3/17/04- Star Warrior #35 is done!

3/15/04- Star Warrior #34 is done.

3/13/04-Star Warrior #33 is up! That's three in a ROW.

3/12/04- Star warrior #32 is up, two in a row!

3/11/04- Star Warrior #31 is up! Wewt.

3/8/04- Star Warrior #30 is done! THIRTY!

3/6/04- Star Warrior #29 is done! Yay.

3/3/04- Wewt. Star Warrior #28 is done!

2/24/04- Star warrior #27 is up! Whee.

2/21/04- Star warrior #26 is up!

2/18/04- Star Warrior #25 is up! 

2/15/04- Star Warrior #24 is up! That ties with the current high of 5 comics in  row! 

2/14/04- Star Warrior #23 is up! That's FOUR in a row! 

2/13/04- Star Warrior #22 is up! That's THREE in a row!

2/12/04- Star Warrior #21 is up! That's two in a row for ya.

2/11/04- Star Warrior #20 is up! 

2/7/04- 2 New Random Comics.. And a new vote bonus comic at Buzz Comix! Vote today!

2/6/04- Star Warrior #19 is up! The random section now has two drop down menu things: one for sprite comics, and the other for captioned pictures. This way it's more organized. I also updated most of the sections by fixing dead links, fixing spelling errors, or adding some more info. 

2/3/04- Star Warrior #18 is up. 

2/1/04- Star Warrior #17 is up! Have fun watchin' the super bowl!

1/27/04- Star Warrior #16 is up! I added a few more sprites to the sprites section.

1/24/04- Since Shynkz took down all of his sonic/ssbm sprites, I've decided to attempt to add most of them onto my site. I've added a bunch of Sonic/SSBM/other sprites in the sprites section..

1/19/04- Star Warrior #15 is up! That's FIVE IN A ROW. WEWT! 

1/18/04- Star Warrior #14 is up! That's four.

1/17/04- Star Warrior #13 IS UP! That's three in a row so far.

1/16/04- Star Warrior #12 is complete! Take that, 2 SWs in TWO days! <insert mario party NEW RECORD sound here>

1/15/04- The last vote bonus  (the pacman vs one) was added to the art section. Star Warrior 11 is up!

1/14/04- I swear I did not put that on my dog.. >.>  For more Tie Pug goodness, vote at BcX

1/8/04- Sorry for my site being down over the past few days... Anyway Star Warrior #10 is up! Also, those MKDD: Reject Deck Trek pictures that were too big to be uploaded have been uploaded to a different server for your viewing pleasure.

1/3/04- A bunch of new art. Mostly mini-comics, made them when I was...

Don't let boredom happen to YOU. Anyway, the first Mario Kart Double Dash!!: REJECTS track is complete! I resized and captioned a whole lotta pictures. Check it out. Also, a new vote bonus at Buzz Comix, vote today to see it!

12/25/03- Merry Christmas! The current vote bonus has been added to the random section. New vote bonus soon? New Mini-Star Warrior! Also some new sprites were added to the sprites section.

12/23/03- Why Me #4 and Star Warrior #9!

12/21/03- Star Warrior Number Eight is up! Wewt.

12/19/03- I joined a new comics topsite called Project Comi, please vote!. If you have a comic of your own join today! Why Me? three is up! It also introduces my awesome sprite, which was made by Dereck of Spunky Darkness. I also added two new sections, Guest and MK:DD!! Rejects! The guest section is for any guest/random/series comics that you submit! The first two of them are from one of my friends, The Govnor. Feel free to send me some comics! The second section is going to be made up of my Mario Kart Rejects comics, drivers, tracks, and more! New Star Warrior tomorrow hopefully...


12/12/03- If any you have heard of FireBoards, you'll know that there's several groups participating. I'm (will be) in group 26, Why Me? Several people alternate making comics with a plot/mini-plot to it using their characters. As an added bonus, I'm putting the comics up on my site. So far two have been completed by Dereck and Double A. I have all of the pictures for a Mario Kart Rejects COURSE taken.. I just need to resize and caption them. Here's a sample: (on mario kart page)

12/06/03- New Random comic. I'm working on more Mario Kart rejects as well =P

11/29/03- Fixed yesterday's comic.. sorry about that >>

11/28/03- New Random Comic. 

11/27/03- I found some Mario & Luigi sprites! These were ripped by Deekman, his site can be found at  http://deekman.cjb.net . These aren't the complete sheet as there's more powers (Like Thunder hand/fire hand) but it's a decent amount of sprites. Mario, Luigi, and Bowser were added to sprites. I also added a new background. 

11/26/03- A Mini Star Warrior Comic. It's like Shynkz' Mini Yoshi Komix but these are based on Star Warrior making fun or giving more information on that particular scene. For example, the first comic is based on Dedede and the Star Rod. Go to Star Warrior to see the comic. These are a lot easier to make as it's only one panel and doesn't have to be part of the current plot. Also I have put up the first Sprite, Paper Mario Bowser! It was ripped by Koshi. Thanks Koshi! There will probably be a new vote comic tomorrow as I got another pack of Grapermelon gum and will poke some more fun at that..  

11/25/03- A new Random Comic. Don't forget to vote to see the vote comic. Thanksgiving break means more updates and stuff. Maybe I'll start ripping more backgrounds and get some sprite sheets up during the break. Hopefully 1 or 2 more Star Warriors..

11/22/03- New Vote Comic! The last one has been added to the Random Comics section.

11/16/03- A new Star Warrior and a new Random Comic! Be sure to vote at Bcx and see the bonus comic!

11/15/03- New vote comic! See it by voting at Bcx! The last vote comic is now located in the Random Section. A new Star Warrior by tomorrow, maybe.

11/8/03- My site is one year old today! Yay! Anyway, there are some more new comics in the Random comic section and a vote comic which you can see by voting at Buzz Comics.

11/7/03- Two New Comics! It's amazing what you can do with old toys from your closet .

11/6/03- Vote at Buzz Comic for my site! Hopefully your votes will help bring to visitors to this site!

 http://www.freewebs.com/shadow_32x/index.htm < Check it out.

11/1/03- Halloween Comic up! Enjoy. It's in the Saturn Valley Section

10/31/03- Another random comic. Halloween comic tomorrow

10/26/03- New Random Comic, it's a fan comic for Spunky Darkness. Art section up. More backgrounds were added.

10/22/03- New Random Comic. 

10/17/03- Star Warrior #6. 

10/13/03- New Random Comic and Star Warrior #5. Also, Random/Saturn valley have their own drop down archive things. Some good news is that people are actually using my backgrounds! More are on the way.

10/7/03- New Random Comic. Added some backgrounds. 

9/20/03- SW Comic Number Four is up! 

9/19/03- SW Comic Number Three. Archive's updated with a drop down menu thingie.

9/14/03- New SW comic. Cast/Credits/Archive updated.

9/4/03- Comics Section is open! Not much content for most of the pages yet, but some comics are up. Until I get some more stuff up, go to Sprite Komix Daily to solve any craving for comics.




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