As the plot builds up, more characters will be added. (When I'm not lazy, I'll finish this XD)

As of comic 4 or 5..

Kirby- He's the leader of this journey. He's witty, smart, and he has the ability to  'copy' the enemy's powers. However, he falls off the Fountain of Dreams and finds himself in a variety of worlds, while trying to get to Dedede.

Waddle Dee- He's very out going and will do anything to protect Kirby. He has a slew of abilites as well, like the umbrella. But, his adventure ends up short, as he's in a bag for most of it.

King Dedede- The greedy ruler over Dream Land. He always has a plan but tends to let his cohorts to do his dirty work. He's recently taken control of the Star Rod (again) and plans to take over the world. King Dedede is a little egotistic and gets in fights with the author sometimes.

Author- The author's true name or form hasn't been revealed to the crew of Star Warrior yet. The Author spends countless hours putting together the comic and keeping the plot going.

Meta Knight-  Dedede's right hand man. He's been sent to take Kirby and waddle Dee to the Jail, but in his attempt, Kirby gets away. Meta will do anything to get Kirby back.

Blade Knight #1- One of Meta's sidekicks. This one speaks in gold text and tends to confuse his physics terms.

Blade Knight #2- The other sidekick. He speaks in a purplish text and likes to ask questions.



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