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10/31/05 - Wow. 13 updates since last Halloween. At least that's more than one per month. New random comic. Happy Halloweeen!

8/14/05- New banner thingie by the Wil. Oh and and happy 1,010 days of this site >_> <_< *runs*

8/9/05- Star Warrior #65 - Truculent Panacea as well as two random ms paint drawing things.

6/17/05- What's this? An update? I thought April Fool's was 2 months ago... So yea.. I updated. New comic, Star Warrior #64.5, Back in Action. Hopefully this will be the start of more consecutive updates...

12/31/04- The last update of the year... Don't stay up too late and don't party too hard.. New comic in random section.

12/25/04- Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy your winter break.

12/19/04- New Randomness comic.

11/25/04- Happy Thanksgiving! Here's a comic!

11/24/04- Yay it's Thanksgiving break! *dance* Here's a review of Super Mario 64 DS for ya. 

11/12/04- Star Warrior #64, Persuasive Dining, has been completed! Hooray.

11/8/04- Happy Two Years to me! To you! To the site! That's right, this pile of html has been around two whole years! And yea.. send me er the site presents =P

11/7/04- Star Warrior #63- "MetaGuise" is up. Enjoy.

11/6/04- If anyone still plays Animal Crossing and would like to get the NES game Punch-Out for their game, go to, click the banner and follow the directions. Yes, the code does work, I tried it. 

10/31/04- Happy Halloween! To the comic section for a random comic!  I hope you all have a sugar filled and safe Halloween. >:]

10/26/04 - Star Warrior #62- Return of the Echidna is done. No more parodies of Star Wars titles.. I promise =P

10/17/04- Star Warrior #61- Dee Strikes Back, is up! Enjoy. 

10/6/04- New random comic. Inspired by English. TO THE RANDOM SECTION!!11

10/1/04- If you ever hear of the word(s) PBL come out of any of your teacher's mouths run for your freakin' life. It's evil. Anyways.. happy birthday Shynkz coughwhichwasyesterdaycough.

9/18/04- Star Warrior #60- A New Hope (for the antagonists of course) is done. 

9/15/04- Star Warrior #59 - Revenge of the Steve is up. Enjoy your day off if you have one, and happy new year to all the Jewish people.

9/5/04- Yay! I'm finally done with my summer work.

9/4/04- Good News: One year of star warrior/comic section today! and i'm almost done with my english project. Just need to make the bibliography =]

9/2/04- The month of doom has begun! I've been busy with working on my summer work for school >.> I finished math and french, and I am partly done with my english project. I only have a few days of summer left to finish it, so I have an excuse for being lazy with the site.. Anyways I'll get back to normal updates eventually.. Here's a review of Pikmin 2.

8/18/04- whomg. A new NES game review, from me, to you!

8/14/04- Star Warrior #58: "Ambush of the Axem" is up! Several affiliates have been booted since they don't exist anymore. I'm starting to actually work on the comics section again. As you can see there's a new banner, guest page has been redone, 3 new sprite sheets were added, most of the sprite sheets have been moved to the images folder, and several other minor things. 

7/20/04- Star Warrior #57: "The Phantom MeNess" is up.

7/13/04- omg0sh teh tardiness... Anyways Star Warrior #56 is up!

7/5/04- I hope you all enjoyed your Independence Day weekend. Star Warrior #55 is up. 

6/25/04- Tomorrow I leave on vacation till teh 30th, so no comics/updates until next wed/thurs. I do plan on sketching out a bunch of the comics to come on vacation. That way it'll be a little easier for me to update.

6/24/04- Star Warrior #54 is here, hot off the ftp.

6/21/04- Bam. Star Warrior #53 is done. 

6/18/04- School is over! Woo. And I'm back in business with Star Warrior #52. Enjoy >:D

6/11/04- I'd like to announce the new section to be added to this site! It is.. *drum roll* the Pac-Mania section!! As you can probably guess, it is about Pac-Man. This is the web I created for my internet applications final, and as of now it's pretty basic. This web also scored 100 out of 100 points for my internet apps final =D It'll basically be updated for new information on Pac-Pix and Pac 'n Roll, two new Pac-Man games coming out for the Nintendo DS either later this year or early next. I'll probably have new stuff to add to the web every so often. I still have 3 more days of finals..

6/5/04- I'm really sorry about this huge gap between updates.. Really am.. Good news though, just 10 more days of school left for me! Basically 4 more full days. 3 more days to assign homework. After my last 4 four days, next Friday is a half-day which is the beginning of finals, where I have two a day, which ends the following Wednesday. Then I have a half-day for make-ups (I don't think I even have to go to school) and then that Friday is the last day. For my internet apps final, we have to make a web on a subject using front page. This project will be edited a tad and probably used on this site as a new section. So it's not like I haven't been working on anything.. =P  Now to the update. Gametopia can now be found at My birthday was May 28th, and Wil was kind enough to draw me a picture. His birthday is tomorrow, and I'd like to return the favor.


5/18/04- Star Warrior #51 = Done'd

5/14/04- Star Warrior #50 is complete. Enjoy.

5/8/04- Star Warrior #49 has been finished. 29 Days of school to go! 

5/3/04- Star Warrior #48 is done!

5/2/04- This has been one of the busiest weeks of my life. I've had numerous tests, projects, and homework. Instead of cramming it all in the last half of the marking period, they're doing it now, before the finals. On top of that, I've had three baseball games in a row (Friday, Saturday, and today) so I'm pretty much wiped out from them. I may get Star Warrior #48 done by tomorrow, but it all depends on my homework load. Some good news is that Mushroom Kingdom Hearts (that one affiliate that was most of the time geocitiesoutofbandwith'd) has gotten a new server, layout, another comic series, and a new button. It now goes by the name of "Where There's a Wil Productions" so go check that out. Also Square guru has a new address, so update yer bookmarks if you have that bookmarked. And as far as SF goes, my staffer is lazy =o

4/23/04- Star Warrior #47 is done, enjoy. >: ]

4/19/04- Star Warrior #46 is complete. 

4/18/04- Star Warrior #45 is done!

4/15/04- KirbyKollector finished SF #2!

4/14/04- There's a new comic series here! Check comics for all the info. Also, SW #44 will be up latar today.
LATER TODAY: SW#44 is up!

4/11/04- Happy Easter! I managed to finish TWO comics during my trip. That's right, TWO comics. Star Warrior #42 and #43 are done! Enjoy!

4/8/04- Today's R.G.R. is Blades of Steel. Star Warrior #41 is complete! I'm leaving for my trip to the beach tomorrow (SPRING BREAK, YAY!!), so there won't be an update until Monday. I may have the chance to sprite SW #42 over this weekend and get it up Sunday night when I get back, but it all depends on whether or not my father brings his laptop.  

4/5/04- Star Warrior #40 is done! Also today's R.G.R is Adventures of LoLo

04/04/04- 404'd! Today's R.G.R. is Gunsmoke! I should have another review for you tomorrow, as it was already submitted tonight.

4/3/04- Don't forget to set your clocks an hour ahead tonight for daylight saving time tomorrow. You'll lose an hour of sleep so be sure to sleep in an extra hour or go to bed early. Star Warrior #39 is complete! There should have been a R.G.R yesterday, but Gamefaqs hasn't updated their site yet.  Thus, you'll probably get my review of some obscure NES game tomorrow. Hopefully.

4/1/04- Actually my review was posted yesterday, but after I went to bed. Sorry about that. Today's R.G.R. is Gyruss! Also, Star Warrior #38 is done! Yay. /noaprilfool'sjoke

3/31/04- It look's like today's review isn't going to be posted on the site tonight, so you'll get it tomorrow. With possibly a comic. Possibly.

3/30/04- I've started to get into writing reviews for Gamefaqs.. So every once in a while, there will be a Random Game Review (R.G.R). The game that will be reviewed can range from today's next generation systems to old classic arcade games. Today's R.G.R. is  8 Eyes

3/28/04- New Randomness comic! Check 'er out.

3/27/04- Affiliate update (rhymes!). Several sites were removed as they didn't link to me anymore/didn't exist. AC texture kiosk was renamed Video Game Realm with new content and of course, a large supply of Animal Crossing textures. Great Potato War is the site that I linked to on the old layout (crfilms) and it's on some movie my friends and I are making.. (won't be finished until forever, XD) Some good news is that the Famicom Mini series in Japan is coming to USA on June 7th! In the form of NES Classics! 20 dollars each and the games are: Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Pac-man, Legend of Zelda, Excitebike, Ice Climber, Xevious, and Bomberman! There's also a GBA SP in the form of a NES controller. Also, the News Archive will viewed in the the same frame as this news is when it's clicked. Possibly a new comic tomorrow, it depends on how lazy I am ;p

3/26/04- Star Warrior #37 is complete! Dereck (of Spunky Darkness) finished Why Me #5 as well and made me a piece of fan art! Yay.

3/25/04- 500 days Old! (coughthreedaysagocough) Sorry about lack of updates over the past couple days, I just got over stomach virus during the weekend, and it's been end of marking period cram homework/test/projects this week. New comic most likely tomorrow...

3/19/04- Snow day! Star Warrior #36 is done! 

3/17/04- Happy St. Patrick's Day! Star Warrior #35 is done! 

3/15/04- Star Warrior #34 is done, enjoy!

3/13/04- Star Warrior #33 is done. That's three in a row for ya.

3/12/04- Star Warrior #32 is complete! 2 in a row!

3/11/04- Star Warrior #31 is complete!

3/8/04- Star Warrior #30 is done! That's 30 done and a whole lot more to go!

3/6/04- Yay. No more living in the Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton, NJ (until next year...) If you have no idea what I'm talking about, last Thursday, Friday, and today, I was there for there for the First robotics NJ regional  for over 9+ hours a day. Our robot didn't work very well during the first two days, and was around last place. We got our end-effectors to work and got picked to be in the finals. We got picked to be with team 173 in the finals. The alliance of the three teams got us to the semi-finals.. where we lost by one ball. Anyway, Star Warrior #29 is finished. 

3/3/04- Star Warrior #28 is done! Sorry about the 9 day gap between 27 and 28, I've been busy with robotics and testing.. But I finished the Standfords (you know, the fill in the bubble tests) today, they were EXTREMELY easy. The open-ended section was the same as the previous year.. I found that out today when the Sophomores at my bus stop said that they had the same exact story.. 

2/28/04- 20,000 HITS! And over 4,000 of them are unique! I spent all day installing Windows XP and fixing my wireless network card.. but it works great and is a lot faster than 98. =)

2/24/04- Star warrior #27 is up! Whee.

2/21/04- Star warrior #26 is up!

2/18/04- Star Warrior #25 is up! 

2/15/04- Star Warrior #24 is up! That ties with the current high of 5 comics in  row! 

2/14/04- Star Warrior #23 is up! That's FOUR in a row! 

2/13/04- Star Warrior #22 is up! I updated preety early for once (4:30 PM EST) compared to 10 PM..

2/12/04- Star Warrior #21 is up! Do I smell another comic making streak? It's a three-day weekend this week..

2/11/04- Star Warrior #20 is up! 

2/9/04- I made a new banner for the site. Check it out in the banner/link/whatevericalledit section.

2/7/04- I added more codes to the Categorized UC List, almost done..2 New Random Comics.. And a new vote bonus comic at Buzz Comix! Vote today!

2/6/04- Star Warrior # 19 is up! I worked on the Koopa Cruiser page a little bit in the M&L section, and added a lot of codes to the Categorized UC List. 

2/3/04- Star Warrior #18 is up! Early Dismissals ROCK.

2/1/04- Star Warrior #17 is up! Hope you all enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday! My friend made a new button for my site, so check it out in the banners section. 

1/27/04- Star Warrior #16 is up! I added a few new sprites as well. Maybe I'll get a snow day tomorrow..

1/24/04- I added a TON of new sprites to the sprites page. Enjoy.

1/23/04- Notice that little gray strip of text advertising my free host?  That's an ad. After over one year of free hosting with no ads, they put an ad. So don't be alarmed.. I'm not that upset as it doesn't look that bad, but if it were an ad ad (i.e. click here for freee stuff!?!111) I'd be extremely mad... Anyway, I've been busy this week with school again (end of marking period) so sorry about the lack of comics. I'll try to have 2-3 more done this weekend.

1/19/04- Star Warrior #15 is up! That's five in a row for ya. Comics probably will slow down now, as this long weekend is over. I'll try to have new comics whenever I can, unlike before where I updated once a month with a new comic. New affiliate is GameBox, which is a gaming site with an awesome layout. Visit it today! I also joined two more gaming top sites, as I haven't joined any in months.

1/18/04- Star Warrior #14 is up! Four in a row'd.

1/17/04- Star Warrior #13 is up! That's THREE in a row..

1/16/04- Star Warrior #12 is up! I'm on a roll, 2 star warriors in a row. Let's see how long THIS lasts. ;p

1/15/04- Snow Day'd! Star Warrior #11 is up! A new affiliate is Mushroom Kingdom Hearts, which has a hilarious comic for your viewing. Check it out today!

1/14/04- It's getting cold out there, eh? Hopefully I'll get a delayed opening or a snow day tomorrow.. I have a new random caption in the comics section. It'll be a three day weekend for me this upcoming weekend, so I'll try to get some comics/other stuff updated.. New vote comic, vote to see it!

1/8/04- Sorry about the site being down for the past couple days.. I'm starting to think about getting myself a .com address. Anyway I finished Star Warrior #10 when the site was down and rehosted those MKDD Deck Trek pictures that didn't get uploaded due to their size, so now they are viewable! I had the vote comic as Star Warrior #10, but it's back to that last one. I'll try to have a new one soon. 

1/3/04- Some new art and a finished Mario Kart double dash rejects track (pictures and captions) in the comics section. New vote comic, vote today at buzz comix to see it!

1/1/04- Happy New Year! 

12/30/03- New Layout! The layout was made by Blaine0002 of Crossing Central. It looks a heck of a LOT better than my previous layouts. It's only for a few pages though, Comics/AC/M&L/SD still have their own layouts.

12/25/03- Merry Christmas! New Star Warrior Mini and some new sprites. 

12/23/03- Why Me #4 and Star Warrior # 9 are up! 

12/21/03- Star Warrior #8 is up!

12/19/03- Happy Hanukkah! I've been busy with school over the past week with tests and projects. I only have two days of school next week and then on with Winter Break! Why Me #3 is up! I also joined a new comic topsite, be sure to vote please! There is two new guest comics and some other news in the comics section. I'll have some more work on the Mario & Luigi Visual walkthrough done by tomorrow.

12/12/03- Excuse my site from when it was down on the eighth. I've been really busy with school, homework, tests, and the like. Tomorrow I have a Lego League competition (, so I'll be gone for a majority of the day. That competition is also the reason I've been staying after school and the such. Don't worry, after tomorrow we're practically done. Now to the actual update. Here's a very interesting site, National Debt Clock . It's really neat, despite our huge debt. If you've ever been to Psyguy's site, you have probably seen and visited the FireBoards section. I'm going to be in group 26, Why Me? You can see our first 2 comics in the Comics Section. More information on the comics page. I'll hopefully have more updates soon.. 

12/6/03- Sorry about the lack of updates the past week. I was sick and stuff. A new random comic. I'll have more updates soon.

11/29/03- Do I hear five updates in a row? Yes. I fixed the random comic from yesterday (it wasn't showing). New affiliate is Hunter Vision, which is a site with some awesome flashes. 

11/28/03- Yay, four updates in a row! Maybe I'll beat my record, which is like 6 or 7 days in a row. A new random comic. The first page of the Mario & Luigi Visual Walkthrough is completed! The second page has just been started.

11/27/03- I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving today. Added some new sprites and a background. A Harvest Festival guide for Animal Crossing is up (with pictures) and a bunch of new codes were added to the Categorized UC List. The first page of the Mario & Luigi section is almost complete, and a map of Toad Plaza was made. 

11/26/03- A Mini Star Warrior comic and a sprite sheet of Paper Mario Bowser (ripped by Koshi) were added to the Comics section. Added a counter and a small update to the Mario & Luigi walkthrough, expect some more pages over the next few days. I will also have a Thanksgiving Animal Crossing Guide up by tomorrow (with pictures).

11/25/03- A new random comic. Thanksgiving break means a lot more updates...  I want to get at least one more Star Warrior done, 2-3 random comics, update the Categorized UC List some more, make a Thanksgiving Animal Crossing Faq/guide, and finish some more pages of the Mario & Luigi Visual Walkthrough over this break. Wish me luck..

11/22/03- New vote comic, the last one is now located in the Random Comic section. Also, there is now a new section on Mushroom  Fantasy! The Mario & Luigi Visual Walkthrough! Expect a lot of content over the next few days!

11/16/03- New affiliate is Gametopia, a great forum about video games. A new Star Warrior and a new random comic are up! 

11/15/03-  Added a new vote bonus comic. Vote at Bcx to check it out! The last vote comic was added to the Random Comics, if you didn't see it before. Thanks for voting!

11/8/03- One Year Old! Yay!. The past year has gone by so fast. I've made so many friends and learned so much by creating this site. I'd like to thank everyone who has affiliated with me, visited my site, donated content, and those who have supported me and helped me along the way. Let this be to one year and many more years to come! Categorized UC List was updated with some more codes and there are several new comics. Enjoy!

11/7/03- Two new random comics.

11/6/03- I joined Buzz Comix in hopes to make the site more known. Vote today! 

11/1/03- Halloween Comic up! 

10/31/03- Happy Halloween! A new random comic and an AC Halloween Guide! A Halloween Comic will be done by tomorrow!

10/26/03- We have a big update today! New texture by SonofMojoHojo. I fixed the textures section (the bass suit/mountain dew mix up), added some more UCs to the categorized UC List, and added a bunch of stuff to the Comics section including some new comics. Enjoy! Also don't forget to set your clocks back an hour.

10/22/03- New Random Comic.

10/19/03- New texture of Boo! Wewt.

10/17/03- Star Warrior #6 up. Enjoy. New affiliate is Spunky Darkness which is a site with some awesome comics. Check it out!

10/15/03- Yay. We're back up! Hopefully the server won't go down again.. I'm working on the next comic(s), so expect one or two to be up by Friday.

10/14/03- Hey. Fateback is apparently down.. their site works but not mine. It'll be interesting if ANYONE actually  remembers the Mirror Link.. =P <--Mirror News

10/13/03- A new Star Warrior and Random comic. More backgrounds are on the way. Also, Anigame has gotten a new layout which is neat. SKD's forums also got a new skin which is really cool. Check 'em out! By the way, the link to my Click The Crow! was not working. It is fixed now.

10/7/03- 333 days old, almost a year. New topsites is Crossing Central Topsites, however their topsites button says "Aardvark Topsites" for now, lol. A new comic in the comics section,  an image for Categorized UC List, and a ton of backgrounds. There's a bunch of contests for points at the forums, join today and participate!

10/6/03- A fan game I made months ago. Click The Crow! Click F1 when playing the game for instructions.

10/4/03- New affiliate is ViPiR Group which is a collection of sites. Three day weekend means more updates! Wait for now =P

9/28/03- I fixed some of the images and text near the bottom so it looks neater. I added a script that tells you how many users are online, it's by my email address below. Nah Kills is back after being down for months. Magma Rock has another new button, it's cooler than the last one! That's all for now, see ya next update!

9/24/03- Some Pictures of the Fall Sports festival and why I think the '8-bit theme' isn't a theme =P I would have updated yesterday but my USB port was being stubborn >.> And a theory on the correct name of the Mario Theme/Series/etc. 

9/22/03- For some weird reason then I uninstalled QuickTime my favicon began to appear in IE. Categorized UC List updated with some new codes.

9/20/03- Star Warrior Number 4: Plunging!

9/19/03- If any of you have been using Netscape you may have seen a mushroom like icon in the address box of your browser. I'm not sure about internet explorer though. As I don't see in on my computer, but it appears on the IE's at school. New Star Warrior comic! Updates on Categorized UC List are coming soon (hopefully >.>)

9/14/03- New Star Warrior comic. 

9/11/03- This update is dedicated to the thousands of innocent people who died in the 9/11 attacks. *Moment of silence* Some harvest moon pictures were added to AC section. More updates coming soon, I've been really busy with homework, baseball, and school.

9/4/03- Updated around 6 in the bring update! This day marks 300 days of being up and online! I like to thank my friends, affiliates, and you the viewers for visiting my site over the past 300 days. To celebrate this occasion I have replaced the poorly ms paint banner with a new one that looks awesome. Mushroom Fantasy is the new name for the site because it's shorter and sounds original (also because the banner wouldn't fit). This day also marks me going back to school, thus it'll take me longer to get updates and such. The comics section is up! This section will be replacing Heroclix (which may come back). Homework Help will be up within the next few weeks. And categorized uc list will be updated this week. Thanks for coming!

9/1/03- A new affiliate is Gamer's Haven which is a nice site with reviews and more. Another new affiliate is  Battou Jutsu which is a site about anime. SKD and Magma Rock have new affiliate buttons, which look a lot cooler than before. I also resized Crossing Central's button because I accidentally made it stretch. Anigame has a new button and server. Their  boards will be down for a couple of days. Updates on the Categorized UC list are coming soon. The new section should be up this week.

8/22/03- Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been very busy with getting ready for school and such. Aqua rock was removed as an affiliate because they got hacked and they aren't going to be back up. Crossing Central has a new affiliate button. Sprite Komix Daily has moved to it's own domain name, A new affiliate is Vash's Paradise which is a forum about video games and such. I'm working on a new section which may be up within the next week. Categorized UC List will hopefully be updated this week.

8/13/03-I joined another topsite, however they don't have numbers on their buttons, thus you must click the button to see my rank. I alphabetized my affiliates, added yoshi Lore's button, and moved some off the main page. Categorized UC List will be updated later this week. 

8/12/03- I've been saving my news for a while and here is it's archive News Archive. You can find this link down by where the Mirror link is. Some pictures of today's AC event, Meteor shower on the pictures page.

8/11/03- More codes were added the Categorized UC List. New Affiliate is Yoshi Lore, which is a cool site about Yoshi and Nintendo games starring/having Yoshi. I don't have their button yet, if they'll don't I'll put up a text link. I still haven't found any gamesaves for sd adaptor. I'll keep trying though.

8/9/03-5 updates in a row XD My site joined another topsite and Categorized UC List will be updated soon. Anigame has gotten a new layout, check it out.

8/8/03- What's that you say? Another update? Yes, another update. That's 4 days in a row now, New Record! I fixed Aqua Rock's button. Sprite Komix Daily has a new layout, check it out (and submit some comics while you're at it.) Categorized UC List will be updated this weekend. Let's see if we can go for 5 updates in a row!

8/7/03- Wow. Three updates in three consecutive days, it's a new record! =P Anyway a new affiliate is N-Cubed, which is a site about Nintendo games. They have reviews, previews, and more! Also Aqua Rock 2.0 is now open, check out all the new stuff! Categorized UC List was updated with more codes!

8/6/03- Categorized UC List Updated with a bunch of new UCs, enjoy! 

8/5/03- Sprite Komix Daily has recently compiled a Sonic Sprite archive, which has a ton of sprites of all your favorite sonic characters. Check it out today! Categorized UC List will be updated tomorrow. I'm still looking for Japanese SD adaptor gamesaves. Aqua Rock has a new button and it's webmaster is currently working on a new layout using php. A new affiliate is Gaming Isle, which is a gaming community. If you remember Gaming Kingdome, one of my old affiliates, he merged his forums into GI a while back. 

7/25/03- I will be on vacation for about a week, so no updates until I get back. No gamesaves found yet for the SD Adaptor, I'm still looking. The intro theme has been taken off until my server starts moving at normal speed again, it's been a tad slow lately. A banner for Planet Zebeth has been added to the bottom of the site because its comics are really funny. I'll have updates on the Categorized UC List when I get back next week. 

7/22/03- The AC Items Supercenter has moved to a new URL, don't forget to update your bookmarks. The Categorized UC List was updated with some new codes. If you have any problems with UC's, please post it at the forums. I also joined several new topsites. Also check out Sprite Komix Daily, it's got some really cool comics. I haven't found any SD adaptor saves so hang in there!

7/17/03- SD Adaptor section is up. Not much on it, yet. Expect more info and possible game saves (Japanese) this week!

7/16/03- 250 days old! Forums are now open! Animal Crossing Texture Kiosk (Sportguy's ac site) has a new layout and a button. He's currently organizing his textures into categories. Tyguy Archives is now called Anigame. Our newest affiliate is Magma Rock, a site about Golden Sun. I'm working on more sections so hang in there. Categorized UC List will be updated later this week!

7/13/03- My site can now be found at This will act as a mirror for when fateback goes down.  ACRPG and Gaming Kingdome were removed as affiliates because they no longer exist. Our newest affiliate is Aqua Rock, a site about Golden Sun. The affiliation page is now up! The forums should be up very soon, within the next day or so. More updates coming soon!

7/3/03- Happy Fourth of July! I have decided to merge the Animal Crossing section and the Categorized UC List together. This is to save space and make it more organized. Check it out!

7/1/03- My server's been up and for the past couple of days. I'm sorry about that. New codes added to the Categorized UC List! We finally hit 10,000 visitors! Thanks to all who visit my site! I appreciate it! 

6/20/03- Not the dreaded 4 words! CC IS DOWN AGAIN!!! However nothing should be lost. I can't guarantee it though =p Two new sections are in the process of being developed and will be up when a decent amount if information is gathered together.

6/14/03- Washington, DC Rocked! Anyway I joined another Top Site. More updates soon!

6/9/03- New affiliate! Tyguy2272 who has donated several textures to my site is now an affiliate. His site is located here. Also Animal Crossing Central is a new affiliate. I replaced Zelda-Central's button as the old one wasn't working most of the time. An affiliation page will be up soon. CC is down for the billionth time this week. They will up later tonight! I won't be able to update until Saturday because of a school trip to Washington, DC. Sorry for the inconvenience. A new section is in development! It should be up soon. Two codes for Tulip bag were added. More updates on the Categorized UC List coming soon!

6/4/03- Big update in the Categorized UC List. I've revamped the old layout to a newer, more organized one. Also the GT Forums button was fixed! 

6/2/03- I'm sorry I couldn't get that update in last couple days. I've had baseball games, tests, etc. A new affiliate is My RCT Site which has rides, trainers, utilities, and custom scenarios for the hit PC game, Roller Coaster Typhoon. Several sections in the Categorized UC List were updated. Nah Kills 2003 has moved to a new host. Enjoy! Side note: I have no idea why the URL for the GT forums button is screwed up, I'm trying to fix it as it links to =p Even though the link is to the forums o.O

5/27/03- This site is 200 days old today! I'd like to thank my friends, my affiliates, my host, Crossing Central, Gamefaqs, Gameteller, the people visiting this site, and my best friend who showed me this host. I hope to carry on this site and continue to help others. Fossils and KK song section will be updated with UCs later today!

5/23/03- CC is back up, yay! Also the Gyroid section on the Categorized UC List is now up to date with the main uc list! 

5/21/03- CC WILL BE UP TOMORROW! finally got a character set that I made to work and look good on RPG Maker 2000 =p. It is a char set of a Flying man from the game earthbound. Nah Kills 2003 is getting a new layout and has an awesome new button made by Squeak of Crossing Central. Zelda-Central has gotten a new host with no ads! Gameteller's forum is now at Don't worry, you WON'T HAVE TO RE-REGISTER Legendary Outkast has an awesome new layout. Also a code for cherry has been found! The best news so far is that the gaming magazine, Tips & Tricks have found the UC for NINTENDO BENCH! YAY! 

5/15/03- Today's update is consists of new affiliates, news, and the future of MF's Site. AC Items Supercenter has a ton of AC furniture/item pics taken with a PC capture card. A new affiliate is Legendary Outkast which has avatars, banners, and more to come! The other one is Zelda Central which is a cool Zelda forum. And our last affiliate for today is Gaming Kingdome which is a forum about games. Tips & Tricks and several other sections have been canned. The tips & tricks took too long to update, Candy was pointless, Game & watch was also pointless, and I am MF from would need to be updated every five minutes. New sections in planning. Sprites will contain links to sprite sites, my own animated images, ripped sprites, and more! Heroclix will contain strategies and custom stats soon! E-cards will have guides, checklists, etc. Rpg maker will have character sets, monster images, sound effects, music, and chip sets. Homework help will contain calculators, graph paper, and more. When the SD adaptor is released it's section will contain game saves, GCN pics, and more! The Categorized UC List may get a new look soon. The texture section is going to have a few new sections as well as more textures. I will have better quality banners/buttons for my site soon. I got rid of the Animal Crossing Domain banner as that site doesn't exist anymore and replaced it with a banner because that site rules. For all of you Nintendo fans, behold the e3 preview! HERE!!! I also added a join mailing list thing which we be used in the future. Categorized UC List will be updated this weekend, sorry for delays. Now give yourself a pat on the back if you read that entire update without falling asleep XD 

5/4/03-Lots of affiliates today o.O Gameteller has a button for the main site and one for the forums. They also moved to phpbb today!  Nah Kills is a site on Sonic games. Shadow 2 Hideout is a neat forum that I go to, we've been trying to affiliate for a while now. ACRPG, is an Animal Crossing RPG which I am an administrator at. Categorized UC List will be updated later this week.

5/2/03-I had a good spring break, playing Golden Sun The Lost Age non-stop, and I did beat it. Sorry for the long break and hope everyone had a good vacation. There are a couple new ways to access Crossing Central and A .net redirection url is coming soon. Also the first URL for CC 4.0 doesn't work anymore so take it off your favorites and add one of the 2 links given above. The Categorized Universal Code List is now up-to-date with Carpet and Wallpaper codes, enjoy!

4/18/03-Categorized UC List updated with several codes. Today I leave for a family trip and will not be able to update until Sunday. Sorry for any inconveniences that this may cause.

4/16/03- CC 4.0 Is Up! You will have to re-register but bells & posts from CC 3.0 will be given back.  Join today! Also tell your friends and other members the new site url. Gameteller is beginning to work on its main page, I added an yim thing at the bottom of the page. Categorized UC List will be updated tomorrow (half day yay!)

4/12/03-CC 4.0's New Emotions! Shynkz made the AC ones. Download them here

CC should be up within 24 hours!

4/11/03- THE MUSIC IS BACK! The Categorized UC List has been updated with Series Codes! The rest should be updated by next week. I changed the Game Addict button to the new Game Teller button, made by SsjGohan. Join their forums today! They have moved their board to Crossing Central is down. Blaine's server deleted the forum database because he wasn't paying enough for the site.>:0 Blaine is getting a new server though, and CC may be up within 24 hours.

4/6/03- Humongous Clothing update on the Categorized UC List ! A new affiliate is Demon's AC page!

4/1/03- Happy April Fool's Day! My file manager is finally working today! Yay! Game Addict has changed its name and URL to I will have their button up soon.

3/21/03- Happy Spring! Was going to upload today but the file manager was under construction . 

3/18/03-Awsome! My site has just reached 1,000 unique users!!! The textures section is starting to look good. I will have the Categorized UC list updated this week. Some of the pages at the side with no hyper link are being worked on.

3/16/03-Textures section has been updated! We now have 50 textures! 

3/15/03-YAY! My site is done being on and off and such. Anyway new codes will be added as well as some new textures this weekend. 

3/11/03- Tyguy2272 has supplied us with a picture of a Nintendo Bench! However the only way to get it, is via Action Replay.

-Information deleted in between as I didn't start saving news when I first made the new layout-

1/26/03- SUPER BOWL XXXVII! Anyway I added a Search option on my site. Use it to find a certain UC  in the Categorized UC list or just to find something. Added Clothing, NES games, and more to the UC list.

1/24/03- Yay, 125 at bowling! Anyway the Categorized UC list is starting to look good. Also I finally got my banner to work! Also it would be a great help if you click here. It will help me out in an online game.

-Information deleted. ^ That stuff there is what was left from the old layout-

11/23/02- Sorry for glitches with links and pages etc. I need your AC catalog/site links and any guides for any nintendo system. 

^Taken off a web page archive site. The date of the page was 11/23/02