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Thanksgiving Guide
By: Mushroomfantasy

On Thanksgiving, the fourth Thursday in November, your Animal Crossing town will be celebrating the Harvest Festival. It begins at 3 PM and ends at 9 PM. This is the easiest holiday event to collect the entire holiday set. Why? Because you don't need to worry about buying candy or saving up shirts for it. Thus you could get as many items as you want. Plus Franklin gives you the items in ORDER making it a whole lot easier. On Halloween you're probably trick or treating while on Christmas Eve you're probably sleeping... Thus you have a greater chance of actually BEING there for this event. Now on with the guide... 

Go down by the Wishing Well and grab a 'knife and fork'.  

You'll find out fast that the Main Course has gone missing..

Some villagers will talk about somebody who is hiding in a certain acre. If you look closely you may see a head pop out behind of a tree or a house. Go up and talk to it. Yaaaaah! It's a turkey! 

Franklin was invited to your town to be a 'guest' in the Harvest Festival but he fears that the villagers want to eat him..

Give him your knife and fork and Franklin will reward you with a pieces of the Harvest Festival. He gives you to them in random order but you won't get two of an item until you gotten a complete set. Once you get your item, go back to the well and get a knife and fork, then repeat the process. Get as many sets as you can and sell them for a ton of bells. Use this money in the special sale day at Nook's and at Redd's tent tomorrow. 

Harvest Series:(3,000 bells)

Harvest Bed 
Harvest Bureau 
Harvest Chair
Harvest Clock 
Harvest Dresser
Harvest Lamp 
Harvest Mirror 
Harvest Sofa 
Harvest Table 
Harvest TV 
Harvest Rug (1,200 bells)
Harvest Wall (1,200 bells)