Ah. The day was Wednesday, February 20, 2002 and the time was apparently 5:50 PM. Being the uneducated 7th grade I was, I began to mess around with frontpage, an html editor. I had no clue what the heck I was doing, as can be seen by my first "webpage."

    Wow. First I should congratulate you for actually continuing to scroll down after seeing that monstrosity. I found a decent free hosting at fateback.com, and later that year I began my journey onto the internet on November 8th, 2002. It started off pretty bland as you can see, and I still don't remember what I was thinking as I worked on this site, with things like Candy Page. Seriously, who on the internet is going to care that my dog likes green gummies bears? No one. Anyways, I became involved in an online community named Crossing Central, which was based on the hit Gamecube game, Animal Crossing.
    I "volunteered" to be in charge of organizing this large amount of codes that people were finding. These codes are used to "trade" items to other people without actually trading directly with their game file. People found that there were codes that gave items to everybody, not just limited to a single name & town, and the craze began on altering codes to find new ones. I became a moderator at the start of Crossing Central, got demodded for no real reason a few months into it, then eventually got remodded until its "death". The whole history of Crossing Central is really silly when I look back at it, as we were constantly moving from server to server, from phpbb to invision to vbulletin, due to hacking of the forums and some overzealous administrators. As Crossing Central and my enthusiasm in Animal Crossing began to die off after two years of moderating and futile power struggles, I began to affiliate with many different sites and started a comic section on my site. I've lost touch with a vast majority of the Crossing Central community, keeping good relations with a few of the members, and seeing the others sparingly on other websites.
    I began to make a comic, Star Warrior, which the idea came from this dream I used to have when I was a kid about some guys getting captured and their friend hiding in the base where they were captured, trying to set them free. Apparently, even though those dreams helped to inspire Star Warrior, they have absolutely nothing to do with the comic's storyline... I think. Over the past two years I've become more involved in my school, both academically and extracurricularly, and have little time to work on this site or my comics as it is. Another problem I have with updating is my tendency to procrastinate. Even as I'm typing this page, I'm procrastinating on several hours worth of homework.  The problem I've found with webcomics, both in mine and in others, is that once making comics begins to feel like a chore there's just no motivation to keep going.
    I've been working on this new layout for about two months now, hoping that a reorganization of the site will help me update more often. I have many ideas for new content, ranging from a huge list of useful and interesting links to explaining certain physics and chemistry topics.

If you're curious about previous layouts and older sections which failed horribly, here are the archived pages thanks to the Wayback machine: