1/20/2009 – An update? Yea. Updated the year @ the bottom. Also, enjoy Obama Day :D
                        Ah… word screwed up the page… I’ll fix this when I get back home… in march.

6/17/2008- Go see the Hulk. It's delicious. Also, get FIRE FOX 3, because I find the lack of memory leaks appealing.

1/1/2008 - Happy New Year! 1880 days and 5 years? Holy crap. I might update with updated version of Digit Solver and new Zesty links before I head back to college. Or I may not.

6/13/2007- http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=MOTXtreme

6/11/2007 - You. Movie Theater. Ocean's 13. Now. Obligatory lol, 1676 days (Pioneers!) post. When I just changed 2006 to 2007, I accidentally uploaded the stuff I had worked on a few months ago. You can see that there are a few new links on the right side, some of them fixed, and that I got rid of those stupid buttons on the left side. Neat.

4/1/2007- New Star Warrior!

12/19/2006- I've gotten Digit Solver to run on actual DS Hardware! Great Success! Also, Mushroom Fantasy just hit 1,500 days of uptime a few days ago...

10/31/2006- Happy Halloween! That's right. I made a comic. Give me another year or so for the next one... Digit Solver, is a calculator I made over the summer for the Nintendo DS, and it actually managed to win 10th place in NDS Applications for the NeoFlash Summer Coding Contest. It should run on DS flashcard type things, although I have no idea which ones, due to my lack of flashcard(s). I'm extremely busy with school and other things, so don't be surprised if I don't update for another 7 months or so...>_>

3/19/2006- New Layout! The main page (right here) is done, but the subsections are not fully integrated yet. I'm still debating on how I'm going to do them, whether or not directly infuse them into this frame, or make a unique page for each. Obviously, sections like Animal Crossing will not look pretty scrunched into one small frame (not like they looked pretty before hand as well). I'll be joining more topsites, as I'm amazed that only one of them actually exists still.
                   As you can see on the left side, I've removed Mario & Luigi walkthrough. It would take too much time to finish it, and I doubt there are too many people needing help on the game. Banners and Affiliation have been merged into the Affiliate section, contact contains ways to contact me (something that was never on previous layouts XD), and history is a brief synopsis of this site's history.
                   Reviews I may just link to my Gamefaqs contributor account page, or I may put them on this site  in the fancy neon greeness. PacMan section I'll probably revamp and add more content, mostly focusing on the games that he's starred in and upcoming games. I still believe people use the AC section for Universal Codes and maybe some texture ideas (for AC:WW), but there's really nothing more to add to this section. As far as comics go it depends on how much time and inspiration I have, and that section will be condensed and reorganized as well. I've moved sprites to their "own" section. Links section will contain a variety of interesting useful website addresses on a variety of subjects.
                    I hope to be updating with layout changes over the next month or so, messing with new sections and maybe a new comic or two (not guaranteeing anything though..) The major problem I have with the integration of the other sections into this layout is the ad. I can block them  by covering them, but I'm not one for doing that for EVERY SINGLE PAGE though...