The Cast of Pac-Man
Pac-Man!! Pac-Man is the main protagonist is a majority of Pac-Man games. He is known to clear maze of their pellets and enjoys eating ghosts in his spare time.
The ghosts are the main enemies in most Pac-Man games. The chase Pac-Man through various mazes, and are vulnerable to be eaten when Pac-Man eats a power pellet.

Blinky, formally know as Shadow, enjoys following Pac-Man. Out of all the ghosts, Blinky chases Pac-Man the most.

Also known as Speedy, Pinky is the fastest ghost. He also like ambushing Pac-Man whenever he can.

Clyde, also known as Pokey, is the slowest ghost. He's persistent, but overall he's not very smart.

Inky, formally known as Bashful, is the shyest ghost ever. Even in pursuit, Inky might back out, even if he has the upper hand against Pac-Man.

Nobody knows his real name, but he's known to the rest of the ghosts as Kinky. He's very weird, as he turns blue from time to time, even if Pac-Man didn't eat a power pellet! Kinky also likes eating the other ghosts, which make them bigger and have a special power. Even though the spectacled Kinky is weird, he's a valuable asset to the ghost squad. (Only found in Pac-Man Arrangement)