Starting Out
Ghost Basics
Pellets and Power Pellets
Snagging Snacks
Extra Lives

Pac-Man has a very simple concept of game play- clear all the pellets in the maze and avoid the ghosts.  In each round, you usually start out near the bottom of the maze.

daaddda ddadddd addaaaaa

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As you can see, the ghost 'nest' is above your starting point. This is where the enemy ghosts start out as well. Once the round starts, they will come out one by one and begin their pursuit. The nest is where they will return if they are to be eaten.

 I see you!

The ghosts will chase you throughout the entire game. If you are unfortunate to be caught by one... you will lose a life and return to your starting point for another go, assuming you have any live left of course.


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As Pac-Man, it is your objective to clear the maze by eating all of the pellets and power pellets. Pellets are generally worth 10 points each, and power pellets are worth 50 points. When you eat a power pellet, you gain an invincible-like state. In this state, you can eat the ghosts, whom have turned blue. They will return to their nest and respawn. You get 200 points for the first ghost you eat, then it doubles for each following ghost (i.e. 200 for the first, 400 for the second, 800 for the third, and 1600 for the fourth) However, this invincible-like state doesn't last forever. It lasts for a few seconds, and with each round the 'blue time' dwindles.

Take that Pinky!

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For every certain amount of pellets eaten, a fruit appears near your starting point. Each maze has its own unique fruit, and in each round the value of the fruit rises. In some versions of the game, the fruit actually bounces around the maze. This can make getting the fruit easier or even harder depending on its given path.


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For every 10,000 points you score, you get an extra life. These extra lives could spare you from getting an early game over. You can also trick the ghosts by using the tunnels located at the sides of the maze. Be sure to gobble as many ghosts and fruit as you can, and clear those mazes swiftly and thoroughly!!

Pac-Man gota power pellet!

(Please keep in mind that these rules and tips will work with most pac-man games. Some of the point values may be different for various difficulty levels or different

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