The last Pac-Man game released was the Classic NES Series: Pac-Man. This game is basically a port of the NES Pac-Man, along with some new features like an in-game menu which allows you to save high scores, reset the game without having to restart the gba, linked play with another GBA, and much more. Also, the cartridge comes in a gray color, just like the NES Cartridges.

Here is a preview for two Pac-Man related games for the upcoming handheld, the Nintendo Developer's System (working title):

Click here for more screenshots! Image courtesy of GameSpy

Pac-Pix: In this game, you draw Pac-Man on the bottom screen. If you draw him properly, he will appear on a white lined paper, which has several ghosts on it. You draw walls and create paths for Pac-Man to eat the dots, power pellets, and ghosts. As you go on, you collect ink from eating ghosts which is then used to continue drawing paths for Pac-Man, or even to draw a second Pac-Man on the screen.

Click Here for More Screenshots!! Image courtesy of GameSpy
Pac 'n Roll: The top screen is the level, and the bottom screen is a giant  Pac-Man. You use the stylus in conjunction with the bottom touch screen to roll and spin Pac-Man around. The effects spinning and rolling will appear on the top screen, as you try to move Pac-Man around the level, while eating pellets and evading ghosts.


The Nintendo DS and these two games come out later this year! Stay tuned for more information on these games, and other future Pac-Man games!!