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Over 50 textures! 

10/26/03- I fixed the Mountain Dew/Bass Suit textures. 

7/3/03- Texture section has been revamped! The categories are now located under the Texture button on the right hand side.

Anicro Desapro:

 Many of the textures here were made using Animal Crossing Design Aid Program. Anicro Desapro (for short) uses pictures and turns them into a pattern using the AC colors. download it here. When you use this program it turns your picture into 16 different patterns (using the 16 different color palettes at the Tailor shop.) and you pick the one that looks the best. The numbers in each box stand for the color to be used (displayed at right). Very much like a coloring puzzle. Color all the 1s green, 2s blue, etc. Click it. the click alt and printscreen buttons on your keyboard then paste it in a program.

Click on each texture for a bigger version. When on the enlarged picture the numbers and boxes are weird so put your cursor in the bottom right hand corner and click on the the little box  that pops up, in order to enlarge it.

Several of these textures that are hand made with Warlock's Templates.

Donating Textures: Email me with your textures in an attachment, hand-made or using a template. Also say how you would like to be credited by your name, along with your site url/Email/Screen name for contacting.

Nintendo Power 161 textures: 1  2   

  E-card Designs

Thanks to Tyguy2272, DemonStar55,. and SonofMojoHojo for donating textures!

Many of the textures here on this site have been made from pictures at which is Microsoft's clip art gallery. Its a great site to get clip art for projects or making textures.

Other Texture Sites:                                                                 Sportguy3675's AC site